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Recruitment Services

Permanent recruitment

When hiring permanent candidates, discovering the ideal talent can be challenging. The whole process can be resource-intensive both in terms of time and finances.

Thus, we will work with your team to provide tailored services. Our candidates are evaluated and thoroughly screened to ensure their experience and skills align with your requirements. TNPA aims to ensure your success from the outset, freeing you to concentrate on other vital aspects of your business. This leads to time and cost savings.

Versatile Recruitment: Local & International

TNPA specializes in sourcing top-tier candidates locally in Ireland and globally. With a keen eye on fulfilling your staffing needs, we meticulously identify and secure exceptional talent that aligns with your requirements.

Whether it’s within the vibrant Irish job market or across international borders, our dedicated team unearths the finest candidates. This ensures a seamless and effective recruitment process tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. 

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Healthcare Service

We provide:

  • High-quality Nursing & Healthcare professionals

    At our agency, we pride ourselves on offering a dedicated team of highly skilled and compassionate nursing and healthcare professionals that meet your organisation's expectations.

  • Prompt Deployment

    We understand the importance of prompt care when you need it the most. Our healthcare services ensure swift and efficient deployment of our professionals to your location, ensuring you receive the care you require without delay.

  • Homecare & Domestic Assistance

    Our comprehensive healthcare services extend to the comfort of your own home. We offer expert homecare and domestic assistance, tailored to your specific requirements, to promote your well-being and independence in familiar surroundings.

  • Healthcare Facility Placements

    Whether you're seeking a healthcare facility for a short-term stay or a long-term arrangement, we provide placement services that match your needs.

  • Supported Holiday Home

    A supported holiday home provides accessible accommodations for patients with disabilities, ensuring an enjoyable and inclusive experience.

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