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Our Promise: Empowering Your Journey, Uniting Talent, Achieving Collective Success

Who Are we

Empowering Through Training

In support of our team's continuous growth, we provide comprehensive training to ensure they are capable of meeting every client's needs. We train each member of our team strategically, elevating their skills and enabling them to succeed.

Commitment to Growth & Excellence

TNPA is not just a recruitment agency but a supportive family focused on fostering growth and shaping careers. Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted partner for job seekers and clients alike. They are passionate about collaborating with talented professionals at Nightingale to expand operations and nurture a strong team.

Fostering Talent & Diversity

As part of our recruitment process, we invest significant effort in finding the best talents with the belief of diversity. As our team grows organically, we provide comprehensive training so they are able to address each client's needs effectively. We train each member of our team strategically, elevating their skills and enabling them to succeed.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the foremost partner across diverse industries, recognized for our steadfast commitment to matching top-tier professionals with opportunities that drive positive impact and growth, thereby setting new standards of excellence in talent acquisition and placement.  

Mission Statement

To connect exceptional talent with leading organizations across diverse industries, with a specialized emphasis on skillsets, cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships and driving positive impact in global communities. 

Meet Our Team

Core Value


At TNPA, integrity is our compass. We operate with honesty, transparency, and accountability, building trust with every interaction.


Reliability is our hallmark. Consistency and dependability define our commitment to ensuring peace of mind for our valued clients and candidates.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility guides our actions. Despite our size, we strive to make a meaningful difference by actively supporting initiatives that benefit our communities and contribute to a better world.



Accountability is our cornerstone. We embrace responsibility, ensuring transparency and integrity in all our endeavors, fostering trust and confidence in our relationships.


We value every individual, treating them with dignity, fairness, and kindness in every interaction, fostering a culture of inclusivity and mutual understanding.

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