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Nightingale helps hospitals and nursing homes find qualified healthcare professionals in Ireland. We handle the recruitment process and provide candidates for part-time and full-time positions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure your success. Let us help you succeed. We make jobs and providing staff made easy. We match your expertise and aspirations. Contact us. Our top priority is you.

24/7 Support Service

Support Services are available 24/7. Hours vary. The Nightingale never leaves you. Feel free to contact us if you need help. Reliable and responsive support will put you at ease. Your well-being is our top priority.

Among the locations are, but are not limited to:

Dublin, Longford, Wicklow, Kildare, Lietrim, Westmeath, Meath

Accredited Excellence

Health Service Executive (HSE) and Employment and Recruitment Federation (ERF) licensed. A commitment to accreditation. Nightingale Placement Agency provides healthcare staffing. Professionals are available nationwide. ERF accreditation confirms ethical recruitment practices. It will be maintained by Nightingale Placement Agency.

Our agency is growing rapidly

Our agency, Nightingale, is a growing organization with many years of experience in recruiting and working with clients all across Ireland where we provide quality healthcare services.

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At our company, your talents are rewarded with competitive pay rates. We value your commitment to work and dedication, ensuring you receive the recognition and compensation you deserve. Join us and experience the satisfaction of being fairly rewarded for your exceptional abilities, propelling your career to new heights.

Join us for personalized growth opportunities that elevate your skills and career. Our commitment to professional development ensures you’ll thrive in your journey of continuous learning

As part of our Employee Assistance Program, we provide compassionate assistance when you need it most. Count on us for confidential guidance and resources to support your personal and professional well-being. To help you reach your health and happiness goals, we are here to assist you

You will receive personalized assistance training that will enhance your skills and abilities. As part of our program, you will receive confidential support and resources that will help you boost your professional development, enabling you to succeed in your career endeavors.

Our company places a high value on recognizing and rewarding hard work. As you excel in your role, we offer our employees the opportunity to increase their pay increments so that their efforts are recognized and rewarded. Come join us and experience the satisfaction of knowing that your dedication will be rewarded.

Our TNPA uniforms promote teamwork and professionalism. Wearing it will be convenient and satisfying when you become a member of our cohesive team.

Join us for memorable recreational events that foster camaraderie and relaxation. Our team gatherings and activities provide the perfect opportunity to unwind, connect with colleagues, and create lasting memories. Be part of our vibrant community, where work-life balance is cherished, and bonds are strengthened beyond the workplace.

Based on 16 reviews
Robert Wheelock
Robert Wheelock
Absolutely loved dealing with Daisy and Joan, they were a pleasure to work with, many thanks guys.
Romy Bonaobra
Romy Bonaobra
Proud to be part of this fast growing company and kudos to the founding director Ms. Daisy Mauhay for being awarded LEO's Dublin City Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022! Truly what drives TNPA to success is it's sincerity in serving and commitment to excellence...
Manaiah Silva
Manaiah Silva
it's a good company to work especially if you are a full-time student like myself. the scheduling team offers good hours that suit me well and there are a variety of locations they offer which are closer to home. Also good communication especially if there's an issue.
Kristella Ann Diaz
Kristella Ann Diaz
The best company and working environment I've had so far. They will guide and support you in every way possible for you to grow as an employee and as a person. I will be forever grateful for having such an experience and opportunity.
A one stop agency for all healthcare services. Their response time is quick. Attend to all enquires and provide the best healthcare service.
Joannlyn Ambrosio
Joannlyn Ambrosio
I am honoured to be given the opportunity to work with The Nightingale family. A culturally diverse company. The best thing I love the most is the evident progressive management which I believe is the best work culture to look for and/or consider in a work environment.
Ian Garcia Seabra
Ian Garcia Seabra
Lovely agency
Divya Agarwal
Divya Agarwal
Great place to work. Very progressive employer. Great potential for growth. Supportive staff and amazing people to work with. I would encourage people to join our passion and help us in making a difference in lives of people.